Friday, 6 January 2012

Rice Krispie Buns

I finally found someone who has confessed. We hug each other, buddies for life!
Our sin? – Rice krispie buns – we can’t make them!
What? I hear you say. But it’s so easy to make them: just melt the chocolate in the bowl and add the krispies! – Sure they’re 90% air! – so I’m told.
Ah! That’s what I’ve been missing.
Oh what a gulf between theory and practice.

There is nothing so disheartening as watching kids taste my krispie buns. I watch in hope, but they pull a face and slowly place them back.
A whole plate left at the end of a mother and toddler coffee morning is a real sign of failure. If I'm lucky, the kids are too young to be able to talk. But there’s always one who has a clear word that hangs you.
So, I just don’t make them any more – officially, that is. I admit that I have tried it again (and again – even with the Avoca recipe with the mars bar) all in the hope that it might - rather than will - work one day.

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